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Working together with our customers in developing their applications in pulsed plasma technology

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Pulsed Plasma is a shower of cold mini-lightning. It can be produced in the air on a table, in a room, or in water or in a reactor.
This kind of plasma is an efficient source of active molecules, that in turn, can cause various chemical reactions. This is the basis for the application area of plasma-chemical processing. In other application areas the plasma forms powerful mini-lightning flashes that induce rock fracture, deformation or strong shock waves.

On the website you will find a overview of examples in this area of pulsed plasma technology and in the underlying disciplines of pulsed high-voltage technology, pulsed power and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). You can also find examples of applications.

About Pulsed Plasma Consult

The company was started in 2017 by Dr. Bert van Heesch. As a former university professor he developped knowledge in the areas of pulsed plasma technology.

Since 1974 he was involved with pulsed plasmas and their applications in the Netherlands, in former USSR and in Canada.

To view his publications:

Scholar publications

His areas of research were hydrogen/argon shock tubes (1974), fusion technolgy (1975-1986 FOM Rijnhuizen, Suchumi, Saskatoon), high-voltage substation transients and measuring systems (1986-1990 Eindhoven TU/e), plasma chemistry and pulsed power (1990-2016 Eindhoven TU/e).

The focus of the company Pulsed Plasma Consult: Working together with the customers in developing their application of pulsed plasma.

Our Specialization

  1. Working together with our customers in developing their applications
  2. Basic architecture of applications
  3. Design or disclose of mechanisms underlying the application
  4. Finding ways to solve technology issues
  5. Focus on further product development
  6. Joining your teamwork

The former pulsed power lab of TU/e

Our projects

During my University career I designed numerous projects. Examples are: plasma density measuring system for a Mach 10 hydrogen shock tube, a toroidal pinch experiment for fusion research support, a 380 kV substation voltage and current measuring system, a cold plasma air purification system, a syngas purification system based on pulsed plasma, first proof of plasma driven methane production from CO2 and renewable power, and more.